Sand to be

We walk the seashore of our lives
And pause upon the sand
To pile up rocks and sticks and shells;
A fortress set against the swells
That break upon the land.

We build our fortress firm and strong,
And stand by it with pride
Until the sun’s descending light
Reminds us of advancing night,
And draws us from its side.

We take our sandy homeward track
Beside the evening sea
That wipes our footprints with a roar
And sees no fortress on the shore;
Just sand, and sand to be.

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 2012[/note]

The last line of this poem wrote itself while Richard and I were walking on Kai Iwi Beach in 2012. The rest of it shuffled in dragging its feet a few days later. Personally I’m not the fatalist this poem makes me seem, but it’s good to keep our small achievements in perspective.