Lightning Street



We put this video together in December 2012 to capture the year that had been. The soundtrack was mixed by New Zealand producer Goran Rista in Florida, images and movie footage were contributed by Bex Davies and Richard Mead.

If you’re watching carefully you’ll see me in the back row of the Anything Goes Orchestra part-way through the video.



Take me back to Auckland so the year can start anew
And let me always think of it as one I shared with you
I walked alone up Lightning Street; you flew across the sea
And all the roads that travelled us mapped memories on you and me

Will I walk down Lightning Street again with your hand on my shoulder?
Every memory becomes a friend, growing younger, not older.
Holding hands against the dark,
Touching hearts to strike a spark,
Let the lightning make its mark on tomorrow

I’ll give you back your Savagery, your coat of weary Green
Let’s clothe ourselves in melody while we still know the tune
And we will walk; no, we will run into the year to be
We’ll trace the path to Lightning Street together, you and me and memory

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 2012[/note]