Three Deck Wreck


By 2007 I was frustrated. I had a number of new songs – songs I rated – but my voice hadn’t recovered from the throat surgery two years previously which had robbed me of my upper register. Rather than do nothing I decided to put together an anthology.

I included four tracks from each of my previous two albums, 2002’s Inappropriate Touching and 2004’s Lean on the Angels, augmented with four earlier tracks. Only one of the more recent titles that rounded out the compilation featured vocals recorded since 2005.

The title of the anthology was a play on the phrase Three Decades of Recordings, inspired in part by the cover photograph which Richard had taken the previous year when we visited Fraser Island in Australia.


The player will loop through the tracks, highlighting the list below as each one plays. Click any title in the list for lyrics, plus a Play now button to skip immediately to that song.