Radio Avon

22 years old, working at Radio Avon

In 1980 I was appointed Production Manager at Radio Avon, then the number one radio station in Christchurch New Zealand. It was a privilege to work with such a talented team of broadcasting professionals. One particular joy for me was a four track studio equipped for music recording.

At Easter I took advantage of this facility, living at the radio station for four days while I recorded several of my own songs. Later in the year I augmented these initial recordings with others I’d written, plus a couple co-written with Grant Shanks, the radio station’s award-winning Creative Director.

I sent the first three songs to what was then CBS records, whose response was the enthusiastic offer of an Australasian recording contract. After several months of negotiation I chose to turn this offer down: I’ve always wondered how things would have worked out had I accepted.

I’ve transcribed some of the original recordings from cassette. They’re lossy, but a piece of history. You can click on the song titles below left for more information and lyrics for each one.

Click for details and lyrics: