Fool Like You

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The chorus of this song came unbidden one evening in early 2013. I put this demo together a few weeks later, striking while the iron was at least still warm.

I’d recently bought a new bass guitar. In theory it was a vast improvement on the mongrel I’d had until then. Unfortunately the strings it was shipped with – particularly the A string – were dire. Dire to the point of being unable to use the A string at all, and the E string only sparingly. Every weekend I say to myself “I must re-record that bass line …” Every weekend.


The mole, incidentally, has nothing whatever to do with the song. It’s in the grounds (and in the ground) of the Hotel Sully in Paris. Cute though.
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I won’t come back when you call,
I’ve no more time for you at all.
I thought it was love, but now I see
It takes a fool like you … to make a fool of me.

I wrote me a letter with a photograph of you, saying
This is what a fool looks like
Don’t be one too.
When it was delivered I displayed it on the mantlepiece
Beside the other photographs I’d mailed to myself

I sent for the sisters, but they wouldn’t come, they said
I already knew the rules, their teaching was done
But all the lessons I’ve received
And all the answers I’ve believed won’t save me
Now I’ve been deceived by someone like you

I don’t know what you don’t know and I don’t even care
When you know what I don’t know you’ll know there’s nothing there

I think you should travel to a country far away, You can
Hitchhike with your heartaches, ride your blues for a day
When you come back I’ll be gone
An echo of a favourite song
Forgotten words that linger on as you do with me

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 2013[/note][/column]