Courier impersonation?

It may not be worth your while to pay a New Zealand courier service extra for a delivery signature – depending on the courier service.

Delivery receipt on the courier company's websiteI had thirty dollars worth of computer cables delivered today. The sender had paid a premium to capture my signature when delivery was made. That should have been easy: I’m usually home during the day. But late this morning I went out. When I returned, hot and sweaty after delivering Green Party leaflets in Parkvale, I didn’t notice the parcel tucked behind a tub near the back door. It was only after lunch when I checked the progress of the delivery online that I found – surprise surprise – the cables had been delivered and I had evidently signed for them in absentia.

If you click the image on the left you can see the evidence as posted on the courier company’s website. Apparently I even scribbled my name in disguised handwriting while standing on my head.