Tiny Heroes

Tiny Heroes

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The inspiration for this song came from former US President George W Bush. Desperate to be a hero, he seemed to me to be overcompensating for his very obvious personal insecurities. Sadly, the world had to pay the price for his posturing.

Photograph by levork

Small world, tiny heroes,
Tiny minds with big ideas.
Same programme on every channel,
Same channel on every screen.

Fear is the way they start our wars,
Greed is what tiny heroes fight for,
Ignorant minds and bully dreams,
Egos that go on and on and on
Like tiny heroes do.

One world, one future,
Everybody has to play a part.
Don’t need no tiny heroes,
Playground bullies with shit for hearts.

Fear is the way they start our wars

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 2005[/note]