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From a high of more than 50% of the local market, Radio Avon’s market share and profits were under threat by 1980. In response, staff were dismissed and dramatic changes made in what operational staff perceived to be an arbitrary and secretive manner.

I wrote this song over Easter 1980 in response to the tense and demoralised atmosphere at the time.


5.05 in the AM and the studio’s in a mess
Empty coffee cups everywhere, overflowing ashtrays
And you swear “damn it all!”
The playlist’s not in order and half your ads aren’t there
No milk for coffee in the fridge
So you light your first cigarette
And you think “what am I doing here?”

It’s just the mystery that keeps you going on
You’ve lost your fantasies, bored by the songs
‘Cause you’ve been in this game too long

5.15 and you’re yawning, you didn’t sleep too well last night
But you switch on the microphone, come on bright and breezy
Well, it’s a job isn’t it?
You’re mixing half cold coffee when you see the noticeboard
Another jock’s been fired – again –
Ratings down and management’s running scared
You wonder who’ll be next?

It’s just the mystery …

You’ve worked a dozen stations and the next one’s always best
So you think about moving on: a different town, the same old songs
And you wonder “is it all worthwhile?”

It’s just the mystery …

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 1980[/note]