I Love You Live 2005

I Love You Live 2005

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Written in Dunedin in the late 1970s, I first recorded this song at Radio Avon in 1980. I always liked its wistful lyrics and sense of what I think of as “pessimistic hopefulness”.

“I Love You” returned to my live repertoire more than twenty years after I wrote it: this recording is from early 2005.

Photograph by Jeff Kubina

The note I scrawled in lipstick on the bedroom wall
Crawled down the stairs and died unnoticed in the hall
I’d hoped it might get read, seems I’d scribbled it too small
It just said … ooh I love you

We jostle for position in the never-ending queue
We both know where we’re going, but when the circle’s through
We’re back to where we started and I’m still here next to you
You know it … ooh I love you

I looked into the mirror but it laughed and turned away

Looking past the mirrors inside each others eyes
We both see lonely people living other peoples’ lives
But if you’re bored with theirs, you can always live in mine
Because … ooh … ooh I love … ooh I love you
[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 1979[/note]