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I wrote Brokenhearted in 1979 while living in Dunedin. After recording it in Easter 1980 it was one of the three I sent on a cassette to CBS Records, and it was the song that motivated them to offer me a recording contract.

The persona in the lyrics is a little like an egg: hard on the outside but soft in the middle.

Photograph by Esteban Monclova

You ask me if I’m brokenhearted
I thought you knew that Leos don’t have hearts
Except on their sleeves.

You tell me you’re sad to be leaving
Uh-huh – I know how hard it must be for you
To leave someone like me

But as you can see I smile through the tears I wear
To help you bear the pain
Of walking out on a lover like me again
I couldn’t have hurt you, you didn’t complain

You tell me I’ll soon find another
I tell you another will find me
Before you’re down the stairs

You hope that I don’t find it too hard
Huh! You found it to hard most every night
It’s an easy goodbye

But as you can see

You say that I should show more feeling
‘Cos you had lots of love to give to me
What’s new? So do I

You ask how I keep myself smiling
I just carry a mirror around with me
And a photo of you

And as you can see I cry through the smiles I wear
To help me bear the pain
Of watching another lover walk out again
You shouldn’t have hurt me – it was only a game

[note color=”#86c440″]Leigh Harrison © APRA 1979[/note]